Interact with me using sound and my other senses as well

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 12 | Category: Interactive

Make the most of my sensory abilities and preferences to help get us communicating

  • If I like using my vision, then get up close to me and exaggerate your facial expressions when we’re having vocal ‘conversations’ in sound
  • Reinforce this sensory input through touch on my hands or arms or very gently on my face
  • If there is a swing that I can use, push me to and fro and use the movement to create a natural rhythm to the patterns of sound we make
  • If you have a resonance board that I can lie on, tap it and then leave a gap to see if I respond as I feel the vibrations go through my body
  • Use a microphone, amplifier and Bluetooth speaker to amplify the sounds we make, and convert them into vibration that I can feel
  • Add a visual dimension to our conversations in sound using sound-sensitive disco lights, or apps that produce visual patterns in response to sound