Help me to find out about my body using sound in various ways

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 13 | Category: Me
Me: my body

Make sounds for me to feel through my body, and help me make sounds myself

  • Place a Bluetooth loudspeaker on different parts of my body – arms, legs, trunk and (carefully) on my head, and let me feel the vibrations as they resonate through me
  • Think of the different ways in which parts of my body can be used to make sounds through movement – using everyday soundmakers, musical instruments, switches, beams and gesture-recognition technology
  • Using technology, you can enable me to cause aloud sound with the tiniest of movements, which may help me to gain an understanding of cause and effect
  • Try connecting the switching devices to different kinds of sound and music, including the Soundabout Music Tracks resources
  • Remember that plenty of repetition is important