See if different sounds affect me in different ways

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 14 | Category: Me
Me: my thoughts and feelings

In quiet moments, try making a range of different sounds for me to hear

  • Let me experience a wide range of different sounds and music (start by using the Soundabout Tracks resource) and see how I respond
  • I may well react some times and not others, or I may give a different response to the same sound on different occasions – but keep things simple and see whether there is an underlying pattern to the way I feel about particular sounds
  • How long do the feelings sounds arouse in me last – can they support my emotional regulation?
  • If I find certain sounds upsetting, is it possible to avoid me hearing them – or if not, can they be reduced so I can gradually get used to them?
  • Or maybe I could learn to make them using a switch, for example, so I would be in control
  • Copy my responses to show me that you understand how I’m feeling


Video 1