Encourage me to make sounds in different places and situations

Soundabout Life: Level 2 | Card: 7 | Category: Proactive

Remember that even the same sound will seem different in different places

  • Take me to large, resonant spaces that echo, such as places of worship, halls and corridors
  • See if my soundmaking is different in small spaces that deaden sounds, like multisensory rooms or small, furnished areas
  • A shopping centre, with its bustle of activity, may make me more vocal – but be careful that I don’t get overwhelmed
  • Travelling in cars, buses and trains, with their distinctive noises and motion may cause me to make particular sounds
  • Being outside in different weathers may affect the sounds I make: mist, fog and snow may soften the effect my vocalisations, for instance,while rain may mask them
  • Record the sounds I make in different situations for me to listen to later