Help me realise how patterns of movement make sound patterns

Soundabout Life: Level 3 | Card: 29 | Category: Me
Me: my body

Find me instruments that use the patterns of movement that I naturally make

  • Help me use my fingers or hands to make patterns of sound on an instrument such as a keyboard or autoharp, or using a touchscreen on a tablet or beam technology
  • Help me to realise that moving my arms steadily up and down or left and right can produce series of notes that get higher and lower
  • Can I make a regular beat by stamping or tapping on a resonance board?
  • Can I nod my head or move it from side to side to operate switches or to break a beam and make a musical pattern?
  • If I rock to and fro, aim a beam at me, so that my movements make regular patterns in sound
  • Use ideas from the Soundabout Music Tracks: Patterns
  • Make videos of me in action for carers to see