Sing or play ‘question and answer’ musical games with pieces me

Soundabout Life: Level 4 | Card: 43 | Category: Interactive

Question and answer’ songs have one phrase followed by another that‘s different

  • Try taking it in turns with me to sing the lines of songs that I know well
  • You start off
  • If I don’t understand what to do, try modelling the musical dialogue for me with other family members or friends
  • Sing spirituals such as ‘Michael row the boat ashore’ and ‘Kum bah yah’, where one voice follows another with a different line
  • Try using pop songs or theme tunes from my favourite TV programmes or films: take it in turns to sing one phrase each
  • Use Soundabout Music Tracks: Motifs
  • Try re-creating the fragments of music on instruments or using a tablet
  • Record what we do to listen to afterwards; I may want to join in for a second time!